After more than 27 years of mentoring and coaching others, I have discovered a simple truth that while often overlooked is to me an imperative key to all long-lasting success.

It is with absolute certainty that I can state that those who have managed to build the biggest and the best practices are those who have laid a solid foundation upon which they have build their buildings.

And that is precisely why they seem to stay on top of the heap, year after year, and when adversity does strike or they falter in any way, they always seem to bounce back and move even farther forward.

They appear to the entire world to be visionaries, to be in possession of a Midas touch and to have an insurance policy against failure – when the fact is that everything that they BE, DO & HAVE is based upon the core Ideologies and Timeless Principles they established at the onset.

Core Ideologies are basic precepts that say, “this is who I am - this is what I stand for - this is what I am all about.’  These are not just idle words – they are Vital Shaping Forces - I repeat, Vital Shaping Forces!

My businesses always have Core Values and to a large extent that is why we have been able to create our success.  Core Values are an organization’s essential and enduring tenets – their set of guiding principles – the inherent  values that can never be compromised for financial gain or expediency.

A value can be boiled down to a simple statement. When I was in practice mine was, “To help build a worldwide, quality-of-life driven healing art, featuring Chiropractic in the leading role.”

We believe in heroic customer, client or patient service, being on the leading edge and that good enough is not good enough.  We believe that people, especially the people we serve are the source of our strength;that basic honesty and integrity are not only the best way, but the only way.

We believe in the immutable law of cause and effect – that success comes from you, not to you; that winners have a passion to serve that far exceeds their compulsion to survive.

We believe that we exist to help as many people as possible turn on theirProsperity Faucets.  We believe in continuity and stability, but urge continued and constant, never ending change.

It is with certainty that we have come to know without a shadow of a doubt that, “It’s All In Your Head” – that success or prosperity cannot flow into clutter – that our Mothers, Fathers, Teachers and Preachers (MFTP’s) have had an extraordinary role in shaping our self-images – that if you are not early, you are late and that in this world you should have a rule that your fee, is your fee, is your fee.

And, to me at least, the grand-daddy of all laws is Circle-Circle (If your intents and actions are truthful, your experience will match your intents), then your intents and actions must be congruent.  Further, that “Ohm Kitam Nama,” the law of cause and effect is as absolute and dependable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.

We ask you to have the courage of your convictions, to suck-it-up and bite-the- bullet and have the courage to travel through your own Passage of Pain – the one that will lead you to the proverbial Pot of Gold found ant the end of a magnificent and brilliant seven-colored rainbow.