What do I need to know about The Cabin Experience?

The Cabin Experience is an intense and safe, totally interactive 3 day personal growth conclave designed to get you in touch with your inner self, showing you how to successfully deal with your past, handle the present and create a future that works to your benefit – deliberately and on purpose!

When does The Cabin Experience start and end?

All Cabin Experiences begin on Thursday at 1:00 PM sharp and end late on Saturday evening. May I suggest that you plan arrive on Wednesday eve so you will be fresh and ready to go in the morning. I'll even take you to lunch! If you fly in on Thursday morning you must land no later than 11:00 AM, and remember, you will be flirting with weather and plane delays. Plan your departure on an early flight Sunday morning

What does The Cabin Experience fee include?

The Cabin Experience fee includes everything you will need, (transportation to and from airport, sleeping accommodations at a local hotel, all food beverage, and snacks, taxes and gratuities, and all seminar materials). Not included are your hotel on Wednesday if you come in early, your airfare and personal incidentals.

Who makes the airline reservations?

You are responsible for making your own airline arrangements.

Once airline arrangements are completed, you must e-mail your flight itinerary to me at larry@ltmconsulting.net. Upon arrival you will be met at airport and transported directly to the hotel. Book your flight as soon as you can and you will generally be rewarded by a lower fare. 

Remember that many of you may have to take two planes and you must get there by our required starting time of 1 PM. In that case, you must fly in on Wednesday evening and stay over at our recommended local hotel. On Thursday morning, the van will pick you up in front of the hotel to transport you to my home.

What about the weather?

The weather can be sunny and warm or chilly and rainy. Therefore, I suggest you bring a light jacket or sweater as it is usually cooler in the mornings and warmer in the middle of the day. All facilities are air-conditioned.

What is the dress code?

This entire event is very casual so you can dress comfortably and wear jeans, shorts or sweats, etc. I would suggest bringing a sweatshirt, sweater or light jacket (weather permitting, we generally enjoy our meals outside).

Also, remember to pack sunglasses, sun block and a bathing suit.

Do cell phones work at the Cabin?

Yes, cell phones work – but NOT for you! To ensure that we have your full attention, we are giving you fair warning that while at The Cabin we plan to take away your cell phones and ask that you refrain from using any electronic devices to communicate with the outside world.

We will, of course, provide you with two telephone numbers in case of emergency.