Thanks again for allowing me to participate with you and such an awesome group of people. I got exactly what I needed to get out of the cabin experience and the experience was phenomenal . The magnate was on Monday as I saw a personal record of 120 patient visits. The patients were pouring in. Busy, fun and great energy. Thanks again.
— Dr. Jeff Wallace, Baltimore MD

While I have known you for more than 20 years, and you’ve guided me as a sage and caring mentor at virtually every turn, I want to extend special thanks after experiencing the magic of your Cabin Experience for the first time.

I am particularly awed by your uncanny ability to look at each individual and swiftly pinpoint specific obstacles getting in the way of greater fulfillment, as well as your talent for motivating people to tackle roadblocks using your proven methods. As someone privileged to have learned from you over decades, I especially appreciate your remarkable acumen knowing it was shaped by experiencing adversity at times – during childhood, in business, and as a cancer survivor.

After a personally challenging period earlier this year, I temporarily lost touch with my ability to visualize greater happiness, achievement, and meaning in my life. However, following just one weekend at your Cabin Experience, I felt completely re-energized — once again motivated by your brilliance, as well your extraordinary warmth and sensitivity. By the time we left, I could tell the other participants also felt nothing short of transformed by the mesmerizing opportunity to listen, talk, share, dance, exercise and engage. The stunning African performer literally moved us to get up on our feet and flow with the music, and even taught us how to play the bongos. Larry, you thought of everything, from the delicious meals to the cozy seating and creative, well-organized activities, including the fun of sharing a 5-star dinner in a lavish setting, understanding that we were worth it. By weekend’s end, I felt like I had formed some lifelong friendships.

I cannot thank you enough – and would effusively recommend the Cabin experience to any intelligent adult eager to learn how to achieve more joy in all of life than they ever imagined possible.
— Dr. Ronnie Mantin, Boca Raton FL

Thank you Sooo much for your Kind words. You are the big reason why I moved forward to serve in this amazing profession. You saw the greatness in me & helped me to step up to my fullest potential. Thank you Larry for helping so many leaders & especially myself. I am truly grateful for you & am proud to call you my mentor and friend!
— Dr. Maggie Colucci, Las Vegas NV

I know it has taken me awhile to respond to you. First of all, I wanted to thank you with all my heart for allowing me to participate in this experience. Even though this one should have been easier than the first. It was actually harder, in the fact that I was acutely more aware of my feelings.

With that said, since I have been home I have been able to do just as I said to you I had done last weekend. I have forgiven in my heart the people that “I” felt had wronged me. I have such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I feel like a load has been lifted off of me. I know it is easy for some, if not most, to be able to do this with ease. I wish that were the case for me previously. I now know, that I can and I will strive to never let anybody hold me hostage ever again. WHEW!! I also have FINALLY come to the conclusion that I really am good at what I do. YEAH

I started really paying attention to my affirmations and listening to what they are saying. This alone has caused me to have a more positive attitude. New patients are flocking in to the practice and patients are starting to return. I will and I am more determined now to make this practice awesome!! My energy level has gotten stronger as I now find nothing to drag me down. I’m practicing the Blue screen White screen all the time now. AMAZING

I could go on and on but you have heard from many. I also really enjoyed the individuals that were there also. The diversity was astounding. I felt I was able to connect with many of them. When before I would have hung in the background. I really learned what it was to see the difference in personality traits and how to respond to their different viewpoints.

Thank you again. I know you will see a different me. I hope you can feel a sense of accomplishment by being “The Touch of the Masters Hand
— Dr. Curtis Dunlop, North Platt NE

I have been a chiropractor for nearly 30 years and thanks to you I have been pretty good at it. I used to listen to your tapes in the early 90’s and I still do now. I have not made movies like Joe Flesia or Guy Reikeman or Pat Gentempo, (all my heroes, like you), but I have adjusted 350 to 400 odd patients a week for 30 years and love what I do and made a difference to my patients. Sometimes we don’t get told thank you enough. So I just wanted to say thank you to you. Because you taught me vital stuff about being a good chiropractor. Thanks for making a difference in my life.
— Dr. Dirk Jacobsz, Tasmania Australia

I cannot begin to thank you enough for seeing something in me that I was not seeing myself. There are so many great one-liners from you that inspire so many. For me, it was you telling me that I was not dreaming big enough. The Cabin helped me to flip the switch on my prosperity faucet. I am recognizing the positive things and tackling the negative with ease. I now realize that whatever I believe I can do is possible, and will continue to dream bigger and aim higher without fear. You helped me to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable which was the biggest blog to my success. Thank you for reminding me that we are all free to achieve whatever we believe.
— Kimberly Portuondo, Fort Lauderdale FL
Speaking as someone who owns a business and has done professional, personal and entrepreneurial coaching for many years, I can honestly say this experience is like none other. Dr. Markson brings a raw, unapologetic, direct approach to figuring out who you really are, at the core of your personality, and linking that to the past experiences that took the strongest and most dominant hold of your thoughts and in turn, created your beliefs. His techniques to break and reverse these old patterns are nothing short of genius.

It is because of this, along with his infamous three day technology fast, that you can enter into this experience one person, and emerge out the other end completely renewed. I could name a laundry list one mile long of all the individual break throughs I’ve personally witnessed and experienced having been to the Cabin twice now. In an effort to keep some anticipation and element of surprise, I will simply say this:

It is through this process, a deeper awareness of self emerges, old belief systems are shattered, new thoughts of innovation and imagination created, forgiveness and past hurts released, and finally, the freedom to welcome into your life all the things you desire and truly deserve.

Larry, although I will never be able to repay you for this most incredible gift you have bestowed upon me and the thousands of others.....May I leave you with my utmost gratitude and the promise to live the fulfilled life you open my eyes to seeing.

All my love,
— Dr. Michelle Wozniak, Boulder CO

I purposely haven’t reached out because I wanted to face the “real world” outside The Cabin and see how I would do. I have to be honest, I wonder how the other Cabineers are doing and feel bad for them if they had a “jacuzzi experience”. I am feeling as if I am dreaming. I feel like I am a different person deep down to the core. My wife even stated that she feels like she got a new husband. I realize it is only a week since the safety of The Cabin, but I truly feel as if I am a different person. I still face the same challenges in life, the same negative talk from people around me, but it some how feels different. I have committed to better self talk (“that could have been better thought out” rather than “that was stupid”, “will that serve me now and in the future” rather than just reacting with my old fly off the handle response) daily affirmations, visualizations and meditation. I am working on a vision board. ( I really do have a right brain). I said in the last thing that we wrote and read about “what did you get from The Cabin Experience” that the self talk and the attitude that I have is the lens through which I see the world. Since The Cabin, I view the world differently, and as a result, my world has changed. I also wrote that I must consistently do my affirmations, meditation, and visualizations or my view of my world will revert to the old view. I am committed to doing these things. I WILL NOT REVERT to the old me. Not “I’ll try not to revert.” I won’t revert. There is no try. You either do or you don’t. I like the view from the summit and am not willing to return to the low lands of self deprecation, negative self talk and non-forgiveness.

I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me. I look forward to my future. I will be in constant contact with you (but I will not be a nuisance). I would love to talk to anyone considering The Cabin in the future. It is life changing!
— Dr. Kenneth Mankamyer, Somerset PA
I had expectations prior to The Cabin Experience and all were exceeded. First I’d like to say thank you for opening up your home for the experience. It definitely added to the experience and helped the ease of absorbing the information presented.

What I learned and felt, changed me. After taking several days to absorb and process I can now definitively say that the biggest change I had was that I now realize I can change my mindset in an INSTANT. My feelings, beliefs, and habitual thoughts patterns were destructive, and now they are changed. Changed for good! I will not return there. I am committed to maintaining my work with keeping the past in the past and staying consistent with my affirmations.

NOW THE MOST EXCITING PART! When I got home, my wife Jolene was very excited to hear what I had experienced. She asked questions for 4 hours. Our conversations went on for a couple days after I returned. I am careful to not be a teacher/preacher as you told us. She immediately wanted to start her affirmations and we now share and read out loud the Affirmations from the Cabin. She was EXTREMELY happy I purchased the Braintap and we are eager to start that learning process together. This week every evening we listened to the cabin affirmations by Dr Porter together.

This is just the beginning of what I have noticed so far. I will keep you posted!

Thank you !!!
— Dr. Rodney McGinley